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PVC Hose

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PVC Green Medium Suction Hose.

Description: A white spiral helix embedded in an opaque green flexible PVC.

Temperature Range: -25°C +55°C

Applications: A cesspit and gully emptying hose, waste water hose, widely used in agriculture as tanker slurry hose, injector hose, irragator, used as grain animal feed hose. Suitable for dilute chemicals.

Advantages: Very easy to handle. Excellent weathering resistance. Good crush resistance. A robust general purpose hose.

  Coil Length 30 Meters

Part No     Size                Pressure                    

GMSH1         1”                   7 bar                              

GMSH14     11/4”                 7 bar                            

GMSH112   11/2”                 6 bar                            

GMSH2       2”                     5 bar                              

GMSH212  21/2”                  4.5 bar                           

GMSH3       3”                     5 bar                               

GMSH4       4”                     4 bar                                

GMSH5       5”                     3 bar                                

GMSH6       6”                     3 bar                               

4" - 5" - 6" Bore Green medium suction is available

in Multipiles of 10 Meters only.


Description: A white spiral helix embedded in a grey superelastic flexible PVC. The hose has a patented and distinctive green external spiral scuff strip.

Temperature Range: -25°C +55°C

Applications: A cesspit and gully emptying hose, waste water hose, widely used in agriculture as tanker slurry hose, injector hose, irrigator, used as grain animal feed hose.

Advantages: Very easy to handle, performs very well at low temperature. Excellent weathering resistance. Good crush and scuff resistance.


ASE 6           6"                  2 bar                 

6" used for slurry pick up from tanker,

Supplied in 6 m

PVC Clear Braided Hose.

Applications ,

# Water supply & Draining

# Transfer of Various Fluids & Powder

# Supplying Water , Oil , Gas etc

in Agriculture & Industry


# Excellent Abrasion Resistance
# Flexibility Good
# High Resistance to Alkalis / Acids
# Silicone Free
# Cadmium Free
# Low Toxicity
# Transparency Excellent
# Manufactured to Comply with
 BS6066 & ISO 5774
# The Hose has been tested and complies
  with US FDA Standards ( food grade )
# Durable anti cold proof , non inflated
# High Flexibility
# Light Weight & easy to handle
# No Fissure Phenomenon by
   Ultraviolet Rays & Direct rays of the sun.
# Little Expansion or Contraction
# Temp Range - 20 deg C to plus 65 deg C

Part no,          Size :-  Bore,                 Pressure,            Coil Size,

CBH14          ¼”  6mm x 11mm             15 bar                  30mtr

CBH516       5/16” 8mm x 13mm             15 bar                 30mtr

CBH38         3/8”  10mm x 15mm           12 bar                 30mtr

CBH12          ½” 13mm x 18mm              12 bar                30mtr

CBH58         5/8”  16mm x 21mm            10 bar                30mtr

CBH34          ¾” 19mm x 25mm              10 bar                 30mtr

CBH1            1” 25mm x 31mm                9 bar                 30mtr

CBH114       11/4" 32mm x 40mm             6 bar                  30mtr

CBH112       11/2" 38mm x 46mm             5 bar                 30mtr

CBH2            2"  50mm x 60mm              3 bar                  30mtr

Wire Reinforced Suction Hose,

Description: Clear PVC reinforced with a tensile steel helix.

Temperature Range: - 15 c to plus 65c.

Applications: Suitable for the suction and discharge of water, slurry, chemicals, sewage, granules and other waste materials, can also be used for suction and discharge of food stuffs. Transfer of Wine, Alcohol up to 28%, Vinegar and Fruit juices.

Pressures: Values given are based on the short term burst pressure of the hose at 20deg C based on a 3 : 1 safety factor.

Note: Any increase in temperature above 20 deg C will result in a decline in working pressure values.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents and diluted acids and alkalis.

The hose has been tested and coplies with US FDA standards (food grade).

Part no,        Size id,      Pressure,                   

WPVC12         1/2"           6.0 bar                       

WPVC34         3/4"           6.0 bar                      

WPVC1           1"             6.0 bar                       

WPVC114      11/4"           5.0 bar                      

WPVC112      11/2"           5.0 bar                            

WPVC2          2"               5.0 bar