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Wing Grip Hose Clip

For Prices please see our web shop

Features: Mild steel clips with their own spade for easy hand tightening


Mild steel zinc plated


Acetal plastic

Colour: Blue

WSC9-12              wing screw hose clip 9mm-12mm              
WSC11-16wing screw hose clip 11mm-16mm 
WSC13-20wing screw hose clip 13mm-20mm 
WSC14-22wing screw hose clip 14mm-22mm 
WSC17-25wing screw hose clip 17mm-25mm 
WSC22-30wing screw hose clip 22mm-30mm 
WSC25-35wing screw hose clip 25mm-35mm 
WSC30-40wing screw hose clip 30mm-40mm 
WSC35-45wing screw hose clip 35mm-45mm 
WSC35-50wing screw hose clip 35mm-50mm 
WSC40-55wing screw hose clip 40mm-55mm 
WSC45-60wing screw hose clip 45mm-60mm