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            Towing Products

Ball Hitch Pin (50mm) – Short


            1" Thread                                              3/4" Thread

Part No             Max Trailer Weight               Thread             

PAR3340                   500 KGS                            3/4"            

PAR3342                  2000 KGS                             1”                

Ball Hitch Pin  (50mm)  – Long

Part No                 Max Trailer Weight          Thread            

PAR 3211                  2000 KGS                         1”             


Jockey Wheels

Part No                 Size                     Wheel Size       Wheel Type

JOCKD           48mm x 200kgs         220mm x 65mm    Rubber            

## Serrated Tube

Part No                 Size                     Wheel Size       Wheel Type   

JOCKE##      48mm x 200kgs           200mm x 65mm     Rubber 

Breakaway Cable

 Cable Length 1 meter

Part No                              Description                 

BAC                                Hook and Ring