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              Trailer Parts

Hitch Eye Loadings

EN 16

Minimum Axial Breaking Load,                         95 Ton

Minimum Breaking Load in Shear,                    55 Ton

Note: Loads stated above are calculated loads based axial

and shear forces only and are for guidance puposes only.   

Trailer Hitch Eye

Hole Size 51mm diameter,

40mm Thick  x 90mm Wide EN 16 T Heavy Duty

Size                                Part No                              

12” Long                        PAR-104                                

Hitch Eye Conversion Bush

To Suit Hitch Eyes as above,                             

Shoulder  diameter, 60mm                                  

Shoulder Thickness, 7mm                                       

Main body diameter, 50mm                               

Overall Length, 39mm  

Hole diameter, 30mm                                       

Part No                                                           

PAR -  8561                                             

Weld Forket Assembled

Tailboard Forket

Self colour, forged steel

Part no                                      Size                                         

FORKET     56mm long x 35mm wide x 49mm high x 11mm hole        

Tailboard Lug

Self Colour, forged steel

Part no                                                      Size                                   

TAILBOARDLUG           140mm long x 32mm wide x 37mm high             

Round Cotter

c/w 32mm dia ring & 189mm chain

Part no                                                  Size                                    

ROUNDCOTTER                     109mm long x 9.5mm diameter             

Eye Spade Hinge Weld on

Forged Steel to suit 12mm Rod

Part no                                                    Size                                 

EYESPADEHINGE         76mm wide x 96mm long x 12.7mm hole     

Weld Hinge (mild steel)

Part no                       Size                   Hole diameter         

PAR - 00796            30mm x 6mm x 6"        12mm                   

PAR - 007918          30mm x 6mm x 18"       12mm           

PAR - 00791858       40mm x 8mm x 16"      16mm            

Hinge Pin to weld

Part no                                        Pin Size Diameter         

PAR - GUDGEON                                 12mm                         
PAR - GUDGEON58                             16mm            

Hinge Pin to bolt

Part no                                 Pin Size             Hole Size           

PAR - GUDGEONBOLT           12mm                    8mm        

Anti Luce Pin Eye Plate


Part no                                          Size                           

ALPEYEPLATE     152mm long x 50.8mm wide x 5mm thick          

Anti Luce Pin to Bolt

Part No                  Size             Thread Length       Finish        

ALP0857         8mm x 57mm            37mm                 BZP               

ALP1251        12mm x 51mm           25mm                 BZP              

ALP1259        12mm x 59mm           35mm                 BZP               

ALP12101       12mm x 101mm         75mm                 BZP              

Anti Luce Pin to Weld

Part No                  Size                Stub Length         Finish            

ALP1238           12mm x 38mm          12mm                 BZP             

Rope Hook to Weld

Part No                            Size                                     

PAR 411                         12mm Dia                             

Rope Hook to Bolt

Part No              Size                      Bolt Size             

PAR 145            5/16"