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     Reusable Hydraulic Insert.

                   Now Available to buy on Line, follow the link


Ferrules Suitable for two wire hose

Size            Part no                   Description             

¼”              R 001                     Ferrule R2T                

3/8”            R 003                     Ferrule R2T                

½”              R 004                     Ferrule R2T               

5/8”            R 005                     Ferrule R2T               

¾”               R 006                     Ferrule R2T              

1”                R 007                     Ferrule R2T                 

BSP Female Straight

Size                           Part no          Description                 

¼” bsp x ¼” hose         R 008       Bsp female straight           

3/8” bsp x 3/8” hose    R 010        Bsp female straight          

½” bsp x ½” hose         R 011        Bsp female straight          

5/8” bsp x 5/8” hose    R 012        Bsp female straight            

¾” bsp x ¾” hose         R 013        Bsp female straight           

1” bsp x 1” hose           R 014         Bsp female straight           

BSP Female 90Deg

Size                         Part no                Description             

¼” bsp x ¼” hose        R 015     Bsp female swept 90deg         

3/8” bsp x 3/8” hose    R 017     Bsp female swept 90deg       

½” bsp x ½” hose         R 018     Bsp female swept 90deg        

5/8” bsp x 5/8” hose    R 019      Bsp female swept 90deg       

¾” bsp x ¾” hose         R 020     Bsp female swept 90deg         

1” bsp x 1” hose            R 021     Bsp female swept 90deg       

BSP Male 

Size                         Part no                Description           

1/4” bsp x 1/4” hose    R 022        Bsp male straight          

3/8” bsp x 3/8” hose    R 024        Bsp male straight          

1/2” bsp x 1/2” hose    R 025        Bsp male straight            

5/8” bsp x 5/8” hose    R 026        Bsp male straight          

3/4” bsp x 3/4” hose    R 027        Bsp male straight          

1” bsp x 1” hose           R 028        Bsp male straight