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Hydraulic Quick Release Coupler

ISO A Couplers.

Female Coupler

Part No,                                      Thread Size,             

NV14GASF-04                                 ¼”BSP                      

NV38GASF-06                                 3/8”BSP                    

NV12GASF-08                                 ½”BSP  

NV34GASF-34                                 ¾”BSP                      

NV1GASF-16                                   1”BSP                       

Male Probe

Part No,                                         Thread Size,             

NV14GASM-04                                  ¼”BSP                   

NV38GASM-06                                  3/8”BSP                   

NV12GASM-08                                  ½”BSP                    

NV34GASM-34                                   ¾”BSP 

NV1GASM-16                                    1”BSP                     

Flat Face Coupler

Part No,                                      Thread Size,

FFCFEM1/4                                      ¼”bsp                     

FFCFEM3/8                                      3/8”bsp                  

FFCFEM1/2                                      ½”bsp       

FFCFEM3/4                                      ¾”bsp

FFCFEM 1                                        1”bsp                       

Flat Face Probe


FFCPRO1/4                                        ¼”bsp                    

FFCPRO3/8                                        3/8”bsp                  

FFCPRO1/2                                         ½”bsp                    

FFCPRO3/4                                        ¾”bsp                   

FFCPRO1                                           1”bsp                    

Breakaway Coupler ( faster )

Release under pressure,

As found on many tractors ie :-  John Deere , Massey Ferguson ,

Part Number                   Thread Size          
NV22METM-BA      M22 male           

Push Pull ISO A Coupler

Price is for the Coupler only.

Suitable for Flexible Hose

Panel Mounting by the Sleeve

Breakaway Feature if Panel Mounted

Part no                               Thread Size                

PPC 1/2                                  1/2" bsp                  

Plastic Protection Cap for ISO A Couplers

Protective Cap for Male Probe,  

Part  No,             Description               

PPC 01              ¼”         Male,                

PPC 02              3/8”        Male,               

PPC 03               ½”         Male,               

PPC 04               ¾”        Male,               

PPC 05               1”         Male,              

Protective cap for Female Coupler,

Part  No,                  Description             

PPC 06                1/4”    Female,          

PPC 07                3/8”    Female,          

PPC 08                1/2”    Female,           

PPC 09                 3/4”   Female,          

PPC 10                  1”     Female,