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               Trailer Brake

                        Now Available to buy on line, follow the link


Trailer Brake Coupler

These are quality couplers from ITALY.


Part Number,                            Size,                                 

TBC 1/2                                1/2" bsp female    

Trailer Brake Probe ( bsp )

To fit the above coupler,

TBP1/2                                 1/2" bsp male  

Trailer Brake Probe ( metric)

TBP18        Trailer brake probe M18 male (bulkhead style)   
TBP22Trailer brake probe M22 male (bulkhead style) 

Trailer Brake Coupler Anchor


Hydraulic Round Axle Brake Kit

Made in the UK

External Springs                                                                                                   

Supplied as self colour                                                    

Part Number,                                 Size,                   

Brake 01                           Complete with 20mm Ram    

Brake 02                           Complete with 25mm Ram         

Hydraulic Square Axle Brake Kit

Made in the UK

Part Number,                                 Size,          

Brake 03                            Complete with 20mm Ram           

Brake 04                            Complete with 25mm Ram         

Hydraulic Brake Ram 

Made in the UK                              

Rams are supplied as self colour                                                    

20mm boreThrust @100bar 3,142N                             

25mm bore Thrust @ 100bar 4,909N

20mm Bore Ram will produce approximately 1/2 ton thrust

at recommended working pressures.

25mm Bore Ram will produce approximately 3/4 ton thrust

at recommended working pressures.

The above working pressures are a guide only, presuming the equipments systems are in good working order.

Part Number             Size                 Stoke Length 

HBR-20                20 mm Bore                 70mm     

HBR-25                25mm Bore                70mm  

Hydraulic Brake Ram Internal Spring

Made in the UK

The thrust ratings are the same as the non internal spring units.

Part Number                  Size                Stroke Length              

HBR-20 IS                  20mm Bore             70mm                  

HBR-25 IS                  25mm Bore             70mm                  

Dual Supply (air oil ) Brake Actuator TYPE 20

Made in the UK

Ideal for converting air only to air / hydraulic, 

Oil thrust @100 bar 4,909N           Air thrust @ 6.5bar  8,387N

Part Number                                  Size                                   

Brake 05                               Hydraulic Ram 25mm

Bracket to Suit Above Units

Made in the UK

Part Number     Brake 11                                           

Quality Mounting Bracket 6mm thick.