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                                 Hydraulic Hose.

                    Now Available to buy on line, follow the link


Hydraulic Hose with two wire braids made by Semperit.

5/8" Hose Shown

Temperature Range :-  - 40 deg F to 212 deg F

Max operating temp :-  + 257 deg F

Reinforcement :- Two high tensile tempered steel wire braids

with protective coating

Cover :- Synthetic rubber with abrasion ozone and weather resistance

Part No      Bore         Working Pressure      
R2SN-04       1/4"          400 bar 
R2SN-05      5/16"          350 bar  
R2SN-06       3/8"          330 bar   
R2SN-08       1/2"          275 bar     
R2SN-10       5/8"          250 bar      
R2SN-12       3/4"          215 bar        
R2SN-16        1"          165 bar      


Rapisarda 4 Wire Multispiral 4sp

Part No     Bore          Working Pressure    
R4SP-06      3/8"          445 bar     
R4SP-08     1/2"          415 bar   
R4SP-10     5/8"          350 bar 
R4SP-12     3/4"          350 bar
R4SP-16       1"          280 bar   

2 Wire Compact :- EN 857 2SC

Part No    Bore        Working Pressure      
R2WCOM14    1/4"        400 bar   
R2WCOM38    3/8"        330 bar     
R2WCOM12    1/2"        275 bar