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            Implement Pins 

For Current Prices Please see our web shop

Implement Mounting Pin 

Use PAR 39 , 11mm Linch Pin on all Mounting Pins,

Part No.                Thread,           Pin Diameter,         

PAR 197                 ¾” UNF              1 1/8”Cat 2           

Thread Length, 50mm                                              

Plain Behind Thread, 6mm                                  

Shoulder diameter, 42mm                                  

Shoulder Width,12mm 

Useable Length,52mm                                           

Overall Length,148mm


PAR 200                 7/8” UNF            7/8”Cat 1               

Thread Length, 44mm                                              

Plain Behind Thread, 8mm                                  

Shoulder diameter, 36mm                                  

Shoulder Width,12mm 

Useable Length,43mm                                           

Overall Length,138mm    

PAR 202                 7/8” UNF            1 1/8”Cat 2            

Thread Length, 32mm                                       

Plain Behind Thread,12mm                                  

Shoulder diameter, 43mm                                  

Shoulder Width,12mm                                       

Useable Length,52mm                                          

Overall Length,137mm                                    


PAR 203                 7/8” UNF            11/8”Cat 2             

Thread Length, 36mm                                       

Plain Behind Thread, 20mm                                  

Shoulder diameter, 44mm                                  

Shoulder Width,12mm                                       

Useable Length,52mm                                          

Overall Length,150mm      


PAR 507                 1” UNC              1 1/8"Cat 2             

Thread Length,72mm                                           

Useable Length, 49mm                                      

OverallLength, 152mm                                           

Supplied with 2 Lock Nuts 14mm wide,                                                                       


Dual Implement Pins

Use PAR 39 , 11mm Linch Pin on all Implement Pins,

  Part no,               Thread,               Size,                     

PAR 213          (Cat 1 – 2) 1” UNF      7/8” – 1 1/8” 1 NUT     

Thread Length, 26mm

Shoulder Width, 12mm

Shoulder Diameter, 44mm

Plain Length Behind Thread, 7mm

Cat 2 Useable Length, 62mm

Cat 1 Useable Length,48mm

Overall Length, 190mm


PAR 205          (Cat 1 – 2) 1” UNF      7/8” – 1 1/8” 2 NUTS   

Thread Length, 53mm                                             

Cat 2 Useable Length, 52mm                                     

Cat 1 Useable Length, 43mm                                

Overall Length, 203mm                                         

Supplied with 2 Lock Nuts,                                         

Nut 1 14mm - Nut 2 21mm,    


PAR 206         (Cat 1 – 2) 1 1/8” UNC  7/8” – 1 1/8”   1 NUT     

Thread Length, 30mm                                              

Plain Length Behind Thread 7mm                         

Shoulder Diameter,43mm                                   

Shoulder Width,12mm                                               

Cat 1 Useable length, 44mm                                      

Cat 2 Useable length, 54mm                                 

Overall Length, 195mm